Don't Forsake The Fellowship

We need community, we need people who will lift us up and kick us in the butt if we neglect our own butt-kicking!
The Fellowship is a picture of community, and friends that are there to help guide you and you don't just learn in that community you also have something to contribute, so in teaching what you know, you also grow that way as well.
It's a circle of people all reinforcing each other, and keeping us focused.
Sometimes we have our own problems we need to deal with and the community can only do so much so there are times when we are alone but you still need to have some aspect of community, I'm not talking lots of friends you hardly know, but fellowship.
The Greek word for Fellowship is Koinonia, which means holding something in common, people who have a similar interests are people you can cultivate deep relationships with, look for that kind of Fellowship.