Fire From Heaven's Mission Statement

As the world becomes more and more fake and plastic (rather than metal and real 🤘) I see the ever growing need for people who are transparent and real about who they are and what they are doing. 

To be honest I've never actively tried to hide what I believe or what my music is about and if anyone ever asked me I would always share it very clearly but I feel the ever pressing need to make it clear what Fire From Heaven is all about.


This project is at it's core and always has been a Ministry, a Christian Ministry. I understand that I take a bit of a different approach that some Christian circles may not like or see as "Christian." But it is Christian nonetheless because everything I write is based on my Christian beliefs and seeks the ultimate goal of glorifying Christ through using my talents (something HE has given me) in songwriting to help people.

 My goal is not to write "Worship music" My goal is to write music that challenges and confronts the way of the world and to get you to start asking some deeper questions about life, (many times that can be in a very provocative way...that's because it's heavy metal bro!) 

 I also want to challenge Christians to think deeper than their shallow faith that is only about going to church and singing worship songs. (That's only half of how we are called to worship...)


 I have taken many different approaches to the style of songwriting I use from telling my own story to what we'd call "Christian metal worship" as well as using a storytelling format. 

 After alot of experimentation I've found the storytelling style to be my strong suit, sometimes I take on a more personal form of storytelling from the first person aspect because it makes things more personal and relatable. It also makes things very real...and if we're being honest...real isn't that pretty alot of times is it?...


I'm not here to look pretty or polished (in other words artificial and fake) I'm here to be real about the struggles I deal with in life and I make it more interesting and less about me and more about the listener through fantasy storytelling. 


So I am going to make this as clear as possible since I am finished ranting about all the things mentioned above...😂


This is Fire From Heaven's Mission Statement, this is the reason why I started Fire From Heaven and why it will continue till I can no longer do it or till I'm dead...(that was dark...)


1. The mission of Fire From Heaven is to use heavy metal and storytelling to challenge modern thinking. (In the Church and outside of it.)

2. To provoke the Christian to deeper faith and understanding, and a life lived well and in accordance with God's law.

(Please Christian brother or sister don't misunderstand me here I'm not saying the law saves, I'm saying the converted Christian now has a different relationship with the law and should not only know it, but be seeking to follow it. John 14:21 Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.”

Also, a great saying I've heard is we have a part to play, and we should Pray like it depends on God but work like it depends on us. Now as the law is God's law, and Christ is God in the flesh, and we are in Christ, so now the law is ours as well. I've spent alot of time trying to understand this but I'll elaborate further in another article.)

3. To provoke and inspire the modern man or woman to question the ways of the world and to look at it with a very critical lens, and to look at the Church this way as well.

(The goal of this is to help begin a journey of personal development and growth. When one is provoked or inspired either or both, something happens that prompts a person to seek knowledge and wisdom.) Now Christians might be asking ,"How does that point to Christ?" Christ is the embodiment of Wisdom...(MIC DROP!)

If they genuinely are seeking wisdom they will at some point come to Christ. They will either step over the cross and willingly choose folly or they will stop, (pick up their cross in a sense) and continue on their path only Christ might have given them new direction. I cannot control nor convince others to follow by force or manipulation (this is why we even have the term, "false convert." because people try to convince, manipulate, or coax people into making a choice to follow Christ.

4. Fire From Heaven's mission is to pray the prayer "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" like it depends on God and to work towards that like it depends on me.

(Christ didn't tell us to pray for him to come and take us away from this wretched place, He said pray for the kingdom to come to earth...what does that tell us?) I'll let you think about that.  


I'll end with that. All of these are essentially the same mission, and I hope that if it wasn't clear before that it is now. 

Fire From Heaven IS a Christian Metal band.