Reflective Exordium

This song is the introduction of my album Hidden Reflections, Reflective means providing a reflection and Exordium means the beginning of a discourse. 

This song is providing a short reflection of the album as the introduction to a sort of discourse that Alion the warrior king has inside himself as he wanders the North in search for his lost family. 



A warrior stands upon the mountainside, O great knight, tell us who you are

 I am a king of far away lands, I am here seeking wisdom

So many questions, so many answers only leading to more questions, 

 these are my Hidden Reflections

I sit and listen to the voices of creation, the screams of the silent one, can you hear him?

 A world plagued by sin, burning in the flames of it’s own uncreation

Created in perfection, brought down low to the plains of corruption

 Lost in a sea of questions, staring back at the vast expanse, stuck in a trance

This is my Reflective Exordium

Of the world and it’s corruption, of myself and my own fallenness

Reflective Exordium