The Evil Wolf Chronicles Audiobook Introduction

 This is the introduction to an EPIC audio series I am doing for my fantasy book, "The Evil Wolf Chronicles." A story of which my album The Evil Wolf Chronicles was the beginning of, so if you enjoyed that album, you will get a  much deeper look into the story of it in this audiobook series. 

 I'm uploading each chapter as an episode to this show on Spotify, when the final product is done, it'll be available for purchase as a whole if wanted but, this is a work in progress that I have only just started, and I could use some help producing it. 

You see, this isn't going to be a boring book reading...this is going to be AN EPIC AUDIO EXPERIENCE!!! With music and sounds and atmosphere and...I would like to have voice actors and I'm giving YOU the opportunity to be a part of this! 

I'm not looking to hire voice actors, I am asking for volunteers of those who become members on my Patreon page and if you'd like FIRST DIBS on this project, Tier 1 level patrons will have first option for certain parts. 

 If you want to help support this project or GET INVOLVED with it, you can do so by joining The Evil Wolf Chronicles Patreon page here