Valentines Day Gifts for your metalhead boyfriend/husband

Dude, I'm a metalhead and not only do I like heavy metal music I make it! 

If you have a boyfriend or husband that loves metal music, here are some gift ideas to help you find a great gift for them. 


For the classic heavy metalhead this is a sick vinyl Metallica themed clock. (This is gonna vary with his style and taste so if you don't know whether he'd like this or not that means you need to do some more research! 😂)

Vinyl Record Clock

If he is your typical metalhead, that is he is an animal lover, specifically of cats and he drinks coffee (again something all true metalheads do...😂) then this coffee mug is a sick fit for him! 

For the show going metalhead who just wants to jam some sick music and have a good time...maybe a really good time...(then feel like absolute crap the next day) this shirt will be a good fit for him! 

Maybe he's the spike wearing metalhead. Some metalheads like to have every article of clothing to be covered in spikes! It makes us stand out from society and says "We are different and we don't give a crap!" 

Now...If he's a "Mythical Metalhead" the type of metalhead who's into metal and fantasy stuff like Lord Of The Rings and other fantasy stuff then he'll love this I guarantee it! 

This is another great idea for the nerdy fantasy metalhead. Being this type of metalhead I have alot of expertise in this area so trust me, hell love this type of stuff. I know it seems very weird and foreign to you. My wife is a country girl and I bet you are too cause country girls seem to have an attraction to metalheads...

(maybe it's cause were genuine and you're fav country bands are a bunch of city bois singing about tractors and pretending to be something their not...and you desire something real...rant over...anyway😂)

If he's into dragons and that kinda thing hell likely love a set of armor so he can hunt down and slay a dragon FOR YOU!

And in case you didn't have enough ideas for the Mythical dragonslaying metalhead, he's gonna need a helmet too! 

If he is a cd collector then look no further! I have just what he needs! This is called...The bundle Of Brutality and it's a sick bundle with all of my albums! That's right! He may not have heard of me and my music but if he likes metal bands like Shadow of Intent, Lamb Of God, and Lorna Shore hell enjoy this! (I basically make metal that is a mutation of all those bands! 🤘)

 Check it out here:

Hopefully this short article helped you find some ideas for him on Valentines day! 🤘