Custom Metal Instrumental Song

Custom Metal Instrumental Song

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If you enjoy my music a lot, you can hire me to create a customized song JUST FOR YOU in the style that I normally write or if you'd like to specify a style you can, so long as it's within the bounds of heavy metal music, this is Instrumental only. 

One other thing to note is that you will have ALL rights to this music, but I do kindly request that you give credit where credit is due when you release your music or that whatever you do with it to simply mention who wrote the instrumental for you. (I can't force you to do this), I am just kindly requesting that you do this should you hire my services. 



Once ordered I'll reach out to you to get more details from you on what you want the song to sound like and I will email you back and forth to make sure you like what you're getting. 

The song will be 2 to 3 minutes long 

Timeline - 5 to 7 days

I am a fantasy metal writer so I include lots of epic elements in my music like strings and choirs and other symphonic elements. (Please specify if you want these or just a simple metal instrumental with guitars, bass, and drums.)

If you want the song to be in a certain style for example melodic death metal, or symphonic metal, please specify this, and please also give a few examples of bands you like in that genre or simply request a song in the style of this or that band.


Disclaimer - This is first come first serve, If I feel I have too many clients I will make this service unavailable for a time but otherwise if you're the first one to hire me, you'll be the first one I serve, if your second, I will get details from you but will finish each project one at a time, rest assured If you hire me I will get the job done and I will do it well!